A Weekend Seasoning my Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron pan to season

Because I’m a Pisces I’m a little bit of everything. I’m a loner; I’m a social butterfly; I’m quiet; I’m obnoxiously loud; I’m a lover; I’m a grudge holder; Etc; Etc; Some might find the duality exhausting, but I like being able to turn off one side and snuggle up to another without feeling much shame or guilt. In the words of Lady Gaga: Baby, I was born this way.

This weekend I’m dancing with my drawn in side, which actually happens quite often. But really it’s the perfect weekend to be a shut in: my roommate is visiting home and the weather is cloudy and, I imagine, a bit cold. So, not wanting to let a good “stay-in” day go to waste, I’m going to use my time inside to season my “new” cast iron.

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DL1961 Boyfriend Jean Perfection

DL1961 Boyfriend Jean

I’m short (a solid 5’3 and half), so the arrival of the skinny jean was something I rejoiced! No longer would I have tattered hems that were dingy and unattractive. No longer would I have to consider visiting a seamstress to get my pants hemmed, which was an extra fee that wasn’t part of my budget.

What am I talking about? Getting my pants hemmed for $30 still isn’t a feasible clothing expense!

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Leopard Print Nicole Flats

Nicole Leopard Flats

Lately I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect pair of leopard print shoes. Leopard is hard to work with because you’ve got to get the right color and spot size and shoe style so you don’t look like one of your bad Aunts who shops exclusively a Chico’s. Okay, not all of Chico’s is bad, but you know the section I’m talking about….

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Fall is cold….

blanket and mug

My last post was about preparing my closet for fall and it was so hunky dory scarves this and cute shoes that. Well, that was Saturday morning and Sunday took a turn for the worst. The apartment officially chilled over and I finally had to shut all the windows that had been opened for months. I kid you not: flies were clinging to window panes to die. It was vile, and the worst of it was I had to go to bed in socks. Yes, socks.

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