My Summer: By Way of Instagram

This summer I’ve been noticeably absent from I Dream of Poutine. In my defense I think that a lot of bloggers, especially those who don’t make a significant amount of their income from their web musings, step back from their sites to enjoy the Vitamin D.

For a moment I felt bad about it, but we only get so many months of warmth in New England, thus I wanted to take full advantage of these beautiful months.

So, to make up for being away, here are some of my favorite Instagram photos from the summer. The majority were taken from my iPhone, as I didn’t want to take my Canon to the hot beach. The apps VSCO and Mextures help give my photos that great look. Hang in for the long ride!


This is my favorite antique shop: Barge Canal Market. It’s filled with amazing pieces, though most are fitted for those with a $100K+ income who’re looking to furnish their loft with Eames-like chairs and ‘60s retro looks. Still, I love poking around.

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Photos around Burlington

My life has been a little fun, a little wild, a little crazy, and a bit all over the place, this summer. It’s been filled with delicious cocktails, a few stumbling nights, a busy work schedule, and loads of time spent on the Burlington shores of Lake Champlain.

This doesn’t leave much time or energy for writing, but, baby, when the weather is this good it’s hard to stay hunched over the laptop ;)

Photos within!

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The Little Blue Box


As a girl my favorite color was purple and it covered all four walls of my room. Now I have many “favorite” colors: colors for wearing, colors for my someday kitchen, colors I like to see men wear, colors that look best on my nails.

They depend on mood and lighting, and picking and choosing isn’t as easy as it used to be during my purple days.

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Strawberry, Banana, Citrus Juice (add champagne)

fresh juice

Citrus juice

2 for 1 strawberry sales roll through Price Chopper on a regular basis and I always take advantage. I typically reserve one package for regular snacking and the other for an “on a whim” recipe. A few weeks ago it was unnaturally warm, and I had a hankering for a juice that would satisfy my sweet tooth.

Unlike most juices I share this one contains no greens, and while I didn’t have any champagne or prosecco on hand (shocking, I know) this recipe would be absolutely amazing with a healthy dose of the bubbly.

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Remixing the Gin and Tonic

I’m a big fan of complex cocktails, whether I’m making them myself or leaving it to the pros at my favorite bars. Still, there is nothing better than the simple two-ingredient drink that lets the alcohol shine through.

Many people like vodka sodas, but I lean toward the gin and tonic side of things. I wasn’t always like that, though, and I think it had to do with that time I ordered an ill-advised dirty gin martini from a bartender who should have said “no, no, no!”

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The Importance of Blood Donation

A slight departure from my usual posts about food, clothing, and cocktails…

blood donor

There are so many aspects I love about working for my company (, but one thing I love the most is how easy it is to get involved and give back in many different ways. For example, a few months back employees could sign up to become a bone marrow donor. I was hesitant (especially after seeing the movie Seven Pounds), but after an employee who donated explained the real process I signed up! I haven’t been asked to be a Match, but I’m ready when the e-mail comes.

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Delicate Calvin Klein Heels


I’ve almost been 23 for three months, and thus far it has been an exciting time. I officially feel like a 20-something—a term I used to loathe but now accept with a bit of laughter and understanding.

When I was 22 I was graduating college. I was getting started with a job. It was all exciting and new. Now a year has passed since my graduation and it has all really set in. I officially feel like I’m a young professional, a growing woman, and at times it is exciting, but it can often be very daunting and scary.

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