It’s been forever since I posted. Normally I’d chalk it up to “eh,  it’s summer”, but I just don’t blog like I used to. WordPress has been a great friend, but I’ve always found it a bit clunky when it comes to sharing both text AND writing, because sometimes I just want to share a quick photo & other times I want to write a novel.

So, I’m excited to announce that while I won’t be on WordPress anymore you can find me over at my new site:

Powered by SquareSpace (#BuildItBeautiful) I love this “WYSIWYG” platform for several reasons. For one, it’s super clean & easy to customize. I also like how you can support just posting a photo (without weird blog date entries.) It’ll be an exciting place for me to really blend together the cream of my Instagram crop with my occasional loving of written musing.

Peace out girl & boy scouts!



Going nowhere fast

Who coined the term “going nowhere fast?” It’s a little clichéd, but when you feel like some aspect of your life is just stuck, but the calendar is flipping by, it starts to feel like a phrase penned just for you.

I’ve honestly felt that 2015 has been a year of “going nowhere fast”. My job wasn’t something I was passionate about anymore. Hell, I didn’t even really like it most days, and I had to will myself out of bed. Sometimes I took personal days when I couldn’t. Sometimes I drank the work-week nights away. One moment I was slurping down a Gin & Tonic. The next it was 3am and I was in a bed- thankfully mine- usually with a plate of food next to me and no recollection of how I got back or what I hit my shoulder on.

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Saturday night

It is a Saturday night, it’s raining to beat the band, and my sinuses are a little clogged. I have a choice to make. Shower, put on some mascara, push up the girls, and go buy two $15 amazing but way out of my budget cocktails? Or stay in with no bra on, my   old leggings that don’t really fit, watch Hulu, and bury my face in this truly decadent $30 glutenfree 15-inch pizza that will last me three sit downs, and swallow it down with a cider, lovingly patting my tummy afterward…. 
Hardly a hard choice 

Are you there spring? It’s me, Jocellyn

Gold Rope Necklace

Rumor has it Monday is supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, but I’m a New Englander who has gone through this relentless winter and is skeptical of “so-called” weather reports.

If the claims are true then I’ll rejoice and drink a cocktail to celebrate the first, officially gorgeous day of spring. If they’re false then I’m walking into work, putting in my notice, and getting on a plane to the USVI, rent and student loan and car payments and responsibilities be damned!

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Dust off the sunglasses

Or better yet: A tale of Jocellyn’s behind- a booty not big enough to break the internet, but ample enough to crush a pair of sunglasses.


Which do you like best? I’m personally a big fan of the aviators, but the middle ones are kind of funky.

I’m a thrifty shopper, but there are certain things I don’t mind spending money on if I have the extra cash lying around. In no particular order some examples would be good shoes, denim, and cocktails that cost the same as an entrée.

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Sleeping Nude and Dressing for Spring

Denim shorts styled with cable sweater and heels

Let me start by saying I’m a nude sleeper. That’s right, when I close the bedroom door at night it’s all boobs and buns.

Frankly, I find sleeping in clothes suffocating and hot. I only wear clothes to bed for two occasions. First is when I have to crash at a friend’s house and am comfortable enough to share a bed with them (more like too princessy to sleep on a mere, mortal couch) but not comfortable enough to completely disrobe, because, you know, that can send some mixed messages.

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A new year, a new leather couch

Leather couch

It’s always nice when you move into a new apartment and the previous tenants are willing to leave some furniture behind. Usually it’s because they don’t want to lug it out themselves, so you take it, for free, hoping you’ll just pass it down to the next renter and avoid becoming the sap that has to bring it down a tricky flight of stairs.

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A (Sun)Day in the Life of Jocellyn Harvey

Brunch at Sneakers

After one of the coldest winters in recent history, today’s deliciously balmy 34 degree weather was much appreciated. Compared to the months of needing one to avoid frost bite on the ears, today a hat was only necessary for fashionable purposes. People meandered down the sidewalks instead of scuttling into stores simply to stay warm. Why, we all walked with our heads held high, necks no longer needing to bend in order to protect our faces from biting winds. Rumor even has it our seasonal patience grew three sizes this day 😉

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