Almost New Suede Boots

I’ve worked at Goodwill for a little under two years. We are one big dysfunctional family surrounded by donated goods, dust bunnies plotting revenge, and regime managerial changes that we always complain about. I have a love/hate relationship with the place, as most people do with their jobs. We all threaten leaving, but the general friendliness, strong say in schedule making, and discount keeps us around.

At Goodwill we get a wonderful 30% discount, which is pretty excessive seeing as most stuff is so cheap. 98% percent of my closet hails from there, and I take pride in the pieces I’ve carefully purchased over the years. Shirts are easy to find. Jeans that aren’t up to my boobs and comfortable/good looking shoes are another story, but when I am able to find a pair of pants or shoes they generally become my favorite wardrobe pieces.


My current boots are on their last leg (no pun), and if by God’s grace into my life comes  these pair of Sam Edelman boots that have barely been worn.  I found them the other day when cleaning the store and woke up at 9 the next morning to ensure they came home with me. They go a few inches above the ankle, but still look flattering with skinny jeans cuffed above the top.  Strangely enough they get more comfortable as the day goes on. The height is low enough that you don’t have to concentrate on walking normal and high enough that they gently encourage you to strut in a subtle way that highlights the butt and hips. Plus the inside is darling and the zipper tassels are fun. I couldn’t find these exact pair online (must be last season?) but by comparing a few styles I figure they probably were $130-$160 new. I got them $7.


These boots are made for walking/a fiscal responsibility too/and one of these days these boots are gonna walk right up to you!

-Remix by J-Harvey





4 thoughts on “Almost New Suede Boots

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