Gas Station Cuisine

Last night I desperately needed gas. I go to school in cold Vermont, and as any New Englander knows you should never run your tank below ¼  to ensure the gas doesn’t freeze and crack your tank and cost you thousands of dollars in damage and angry phone calls from your father.  But, I take that with a grain of broke college student salt, and sometimes I’d just rather buy an Espresso Martini downtown than put 3.5 gallons of gas in my tank. We all have our vices and in all fairness the temperature has been hovering in the balmy 30s, but there was a new pair of boots I wanted to get up early to buy, and the last thing I wanted was my thrifting to be thwarted by a car that won’t turn over; likewise, we all have our motivating factors.

I stopped at Cumberland Farms (lovingly known as Cumby’s) because they always have the cheapest gas. Come to find out they also have these delectable, fried, and gooey treats called Mac and Cheese Bites. I first saw these on the site Cupcakes and Cashmere, and a few versions popped up on Pinterest, but most people found the recipes to be bland, which made me skeptical.

Maybe it was the low-grade cheese or the outside that was deep-fried in oil, but it was hands down the most delicious, cheap, junk food I’ve ever had the pleasure of biting down on. Sometimes you have to take off your snooty foodie panties and just grab something greasy and extremely processed.

Sadly, it was too dark to take “adequate” photos, so I guess I’ll just have to go back again during the day to get some more. The sacrifices I make.**



** Update!!!: I was able to go back and try round 2 of the mac and cheese bites a few weeks ago. My stomach gave me a free pass on the first experience but wasn’t terribly jazzed about the second. Guess I”ll have to wait a few months before sneaking another round in.


2 thoughts on “Gas Station Cuisine

    • I actually tend to have a pretty sensitive stomach against junky food, but I think I found them so delicious
      that my body released feel good chemicals that blocked out any potential pain. I’m sure if I made them
      a regular “staple” I’d have issues, but I was surprised as well :-p

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