Why, Hello

2013. A new year. A new blog. A new era I’ll soon be stepping into: the world of full-time work (fingers crossed, knotted, and stapled) and paying back student loans. It only seemed necessary to simplify my life into only what I enjoy, aside from a few obligations.

You may know/remember/have sauntered onto my old blog Peel, which discussed my relationship with food. Over the months of having it, it turned into a health food blog, a yoga page, a dossier of my unemployed and newly single summer and how I went “f!ck health food, just eat food”, etc, etc. The writing was long because I was viscerally against short blog posts and felt like they were “dumbing down” the literacy ability of citizens. And then I realized that even I was only popping in and out of sites that made my eyes smile and my mouth water in less than 800 words. To quote a man—I assume?—it’s not the size that matters, but how you use it. Besides, cranking out long posts was really tiring and labor intensive….

So instead, I bring you “I dream of poutine”

Come for fashion (specifically chunky sweaters, belts, bracelets, rings, and skinny denim)

Come for food.

Come for Instagram photos.

Come for cocktails and libations.

Come for the occasional bouts of randomness

Come for musings




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