Last night I decided to move away from the usual stir-fry throw back of mushrooms, onions, peppers, broccoli, and the like, into something heartier that fit in with the season. Kale is a tough winter green that makes a great chip substitute when baked and sprinkled in sea salt or garlic powder, is velvety and delicious when covered and massaged in olive oil and lemon, and is much more palatable when cooked.

A simple pot of quinoa provided a filling bed for the mixture to lie on top of. This beautiful video provides the ideal recipe and time allowance to cook quinoa to perfection; it has never led me astray. If you leave the pot boiling a bit too long, which I often do, all is not lost.

I adapted this meal ever so slightly from a Healthy Green Kitchen recipe. I added some yams and instead of using tomato sauce I chopped up a few Campari tomatoes and added them in at the end. For the yams I sautéed them in butter for five minutes and then added them in with the kale and shrimp for additional time. I think I could have gone a little longer during the first sauté—some pieces were a bit hard—but overall it was a really good meal. Just liked in massaged kale greens, adding lemon at the end takes away any bitterness so don’t ignore this ingredient out of fear.EatingWell, a magazine I interned at last summer, has a great recipe that will turn even the biggest kale skeptics into lovers.

Bon Appetite!




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