My mom is a self-proclaimed “bauble” lover. For one of her anniversaries she got a 3-carat diamond ring from my dad. She has diamond earrings up the wazoo. She has loads of gold necklaces. My sister is the same. Luckily for any future man in my life, I am not a huge jewelry person. I don’t think big diamonds look good on my hand and a pair of earrings isn’t something I lust after.

Over the years, through thrift store finds and my grandmother’s old  jewelry box I inherited after she passed away, I’ve cobbled together a very humble but well-loved jewelry set.

This ring was my grandmothers. I don’t think the pink stone is anything particularly special, but I think those are real diamonds on the side because they are so small and not too shiny. While I don’t day-dream incessantly about my engagement moment, I’d be super excited if my man designed my ring after this one; simple and delicate. When I get married I’ll also get my grandmother’s pearls which I’ve never seen (my mom keeps them locked away.) I don’t get to lay my eyes on them until I’m engaged and then I get to plan my dress around it. Maybe in 6-8 years I’ll have a post about those 😉 I think if I’m not married by fifty I’ll get them by default, along with pitying looks and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.



Here are some of my other rings. Most of them I got at thrift stores. The metal ring at seven-o’clock with the Egyptian-esque cut outs is my second favorite. I wear it on my right middle finger. I try to only wear 2 rings at once. While I love stacking up bracelets and watches, I think wearing too many rings at once makes me look like a Voodoo-Witch-Doctor-Fortune-Teller.  At least they have quite the cozy home in the shell. Is it weird that I just collect rings and don’t really wear them?


I don’t really do champagne. It’s over played. Prosecco—the Italian version of bubbly—is my personal favorite. The bottle also makes a wonderful bracelet holder and is a great way to display a love for drinking. The two green ones are new additions to my collection that I got for 30 cents. I also have this really awesome gold watch that is buried in the disaster that is my boyfriend’s bedroom floor; Can’t win ‘em all.

braceletholdersalmonbracelets salmon

Instagram. Stacks on stacks.

Instagram. Stacks on stacks.




I’ve been using a few programs to put Instagram-like filters on my photos, since there is no need to Instagram every photo I take, right? For the photos of my pink ring I used this online program called InstaRetro. It’s a little slow and not my favorite, but good in a pinch, when you aren’t using your own computer (you don’t need to download it), or if you can’t find a filter that works. The other photos are from a filter program called Pixlr-O-Matic. These are fun programs for people who love Instagram and don’t have the funds or need for Photoshop since they’re free!



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