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When I’m sad and feeling down I tend to withdraw from food. When I’m stressed and angry I hold the negative energy in my jaw and if it goes on for more than a few days I start to grind and clench my teeth. This gives me horrible stress migraines—along with the nausea, in case it wasn’t bad enough—and then I become ravenous. Maybe it’s the oral fixation or the fact that agitation generally follows the period where I don’t eat much, but this past week and half has been a prime example of a time where I would normally turn to peanut butter by the spoonful and over eating. But this time around, unlike this past summer, I’ve done a lot better job of not eating in sporadic and insane amounts in order to cope with a dour mood. I’ve been working on better spacing out my meals, something I’ve always had a problem with in general, and better balancing the truly healthy and the indulgent.

But I’ve also been really good at picking and choosing what really sweet things I’ve been letting myself have without my belly expanding; more intention and less mindlessness. I decided it was a really good time to treat myself to the new frozen yogurt place in Burlington called SoYo.  A combination of Nutella and Blueberry FroYo covered in raspberries was the perfect pick-me-up. And I even got a smaller size than I thought I would.

Our lives constantly shift and if food is big motivating factor in your life then it’s important that you change your habits in a positive way that best help you deal with what is going on to prevent negative eating habits on both ends of the spectrum.

Aka: life is one big balancing act, so strengthen those ankles.




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