It’s chocolate-o-clock somewhere



When I was younger Lindt Chocolates weren’t exactly a rare treat in the home and for that I and my sweet tooth were grateful. My mom has her favorite: the white chocolate balls that come in a yellow wrapper. Being a creature of habit, I’ve tried a few Lindt truffles, but I always fall back on the standard: dark chocolate in the dark blue foil. My all-time favorite kind used to be Amaretto, and it came in a purple wrapper, but I haven’t seen it in years.

Bookstores always seem to have a little presentation box of Lindt Chocolates so strategically placed in front of the register, so it only makes sense to grab one—or two.  Now  TJ Maxx takes it a step further and sells the bags of them in what I call the “register gauntlet”,  which is comprised of glitter headphones, chocolate covered  chips, fun shaped water bottles, discounted Essie polish, and plenty of other things you don’t need but totally could use; oh so tempting. I throw on the blinders and reluctantly avoid these because I would eat the entire bag in one sitting with no regret.

Not only are Lindt truffles delicious, but they also bring back memories to a particular time in my childhood. Plus, nothing takes the slight edge off a 930 morning class and having to purchase a book your teacher wrote quite like popping one of these in your mouth while most people on the east coast are still eating egg sandwiches.

Love and treat yourself,



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