Afternoon Bliss

I teach and practice yoga and something I learned real fast is yoga is not cheap. Like, at all. And sometimes my schedule doesn’t jive with the studios schedule, which further complicates the hopes for a less stressful and more Namaste based lifestyle. And I kind of want a little diversity in my practice without dedicating myself to a new studio and a new punch card and potentially horrible teachers that make the 60 minute class feel like an eternity. Because I’m so darn picky, I finally decided it was time to buy a YogaGlo membership. YogaGlo is an actual studio—I believe in L.A—but they videotape the classes and put them online. YogaGlo classes are taught by some of the most recognized yogi and yogini “superstars.” Sure, taking a class from Kathryn Budig is cool, but what I really love is the diversity. You can do 30 minute morning classes, 45 minute classes (which are personally my favorite since I’m not 100% into corpse pose), asana break down classes, and even meditation and pranayama sessions. Take something hard or a class that is easier on the body. Plus you can queue videos you want to watch later and track your practice. And at $18 dollars a month it’s a huge bargain. I definitely wouldn’t suggest online courses to beginners—alignment is important and a trained eye can help you catch any no-no’s—but it’s great for people who are pressed for time or are working towards cultivating a home practice. I didn’t take a class the other day, but I decided to play around and take some photos.

This is Vasisthasana which is part arm balance, part back bend, part really open hamstrings. After looking over the examples online I can see that my bottom arm is out a lot further than it needs to be and of course I need to work on straightening out my bottom leg.  However, if we were perfection from the get go life would be so boring.


Side 1

Side 2

Side 2. This top leg is more inclined to stretching than righty is.

This darling is splits or Hanumanasana. Wayyyy back in the day when I took gymnastics I had a fantastic oversplit. I’ll be excited when I can get both sides comfortably down and have my hands up in the air.

So close! When I'm a little more warmed up it's like melting into a pool of tendon ecstasy #anatomyquips

So close! When I’m a little more warmed up it’s like melting into a pool of tendon ecstasy #anatomyquips

Take a look at my wild thing… It makes my heart sing!

Just airin' out the pits

Just airin’ out the pits

Warrior 3 is one of my favorites. In fact I love pretty much love every balancing posture.






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