Barebones winter beauty essentials

Burlington can be a cruel and beautiful little city. Blue skies: check. No clouds: check. 0 degree temps with a wind chill making it feel like its -14: check. My apartment was toasty, and I had no qualms about staying in for the day and drinking the last glass of wine in the bottle and snuggling on the couch with my teddy bear who’s aptly named Mr. Snuggles.

I think we can all guess that didn’t happen (though the wine is happening now as we speak—the rewards for my chilly labor.) Brutally cold days like this are always dry and beg to wreak havoc on my skin. But this winter I’ve been actively talking steps to ensure my face is just as supple and glowing as it is during the summer. I don’t change my skincare routine to much, but I make sure these items are always backed in my school tote.



We often think we need to only drink lots of water when it’s hot, but we need it just as much during the winter. It helps keep us from getting sick, it replaces water we might be missing from fruits and vegetables that aren’t in season or readily available, and it keeps our skin refreshed. I’m a huge fan of spa water. This combination of raspberries and lemon has been one of my favorites and I easily drank 50 oz between 930 and 2. I also like plain lemon water, blueberry water, and lemon and basil.

My final winter essential is Bag Balm. My mom got me hooked on it back in middle school. It’s an ointment out of Vermont that is similar to Vasoline. Farmers use it on cows’ udders to keep them from getting chapped (could you imagine your nipples being exposed in the winter?! Ouch!), and also for healing cracked hands and feet.  It makes a damn good lip balm. Wear it alone for sheen or over lipstick if you want to tone down the color.




4 thoughts on “Barebones winter beauty essentials

  1. Bag Balm is my best friend! If you go to Natural Provisions, they also carry a great natural coconut oil shower gel called “South of France” – it works wonders. Jeff has extremely dry skin and this winter, by using that shower gel, his dry skin is not nearly as bad.
    -Amanda Paulger-Foran

    • Where is Natural Provisions? I love coconut oil! I use it to moisturize my face, so I’d be interested in trying that shower gel. I tend to get dry during the transition between seasons, but my skin adapts pretty quickly.

      • Jocellyn, do you know where the Goodwill is in Williston? If you’re looking at Goodwill from the street (as if you’re about to pull in) Natural provisions is the building to its left.

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