Cupcakes and burgers and wine, oh my!

What do you get when the local gourmet cupcake shop and wine store collaborate? You get a Friday event that is worth braving the cold for. Called 3 Sweet Treats, My Little Cupcake designs the desserts—which can include cake pops, brownies, and ‘shot glass’ treats which are smooth, creamy, and delectable—and Brad Kelly (who manages the Burlington Wine Shop) selects what wines would go best with the sweets. The $10 price tag gets you three desserts and wine pairings and is a fun tasting event for 20-somethings. While I’ve loved all the wine tasting events I’ve gone to at vineyards or the store downtown, this one is laid back and fun.

Instagam. Tres Mignon <3

Instagam. Tres Mignon ❤

Left to right. All the wines featured at the event were from the brand Cupcake. Not my favorite brand, but the moscato was very god and the name is quite fitting: shot glass cookies and cream with a prosecco.  Fudgie bownie with a red blend. Jelly donut cupcake with moscato.

After that my friend and I went out to the Blue Bird Tavern a few blocks down, as neither of us felt like cooking. I got a chocolate stout (so much for a gluten-free evening…) and a double lamb burger with smoked bacon . And since we checked in on Four Square we got the complimentary cheese board. We didn’t want to wait for a seat so we sat at the chefs table, essentially bar seating, and got to watch the sous chef preparing salads and desserts. I’m not sure why everyone wasn’t clamoring to sit there, because it was the coolest place in the house.  While Blue Bird isn’t the type of restaurant to take food pics at, I can assure you that it was ridiculously amazing and I’m considering raising lambs and pigs when I’m older so I can turn them into a delicious tavern burger whenever I see fit 😉




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