Gray’s Anatomy: The drunken edition

Snow covered cars bring out the graffiti artist and naughtiness in people. For those of you who live in warmer, snow-free climates, you wouldn’t understand the joy of leaving a bar or party to go home and find a fresh layer of snow covering all the cars. This is a great excuse to show off how artistic you can be with just your index finger. You can leave your number on a crushes car, or plant a perfect butt or boob print on someone’s hood. Epithets are never cool, though.

Instagram <3 This town is full of artists.


Last night I went out to the bar with my friend and saw that someone had left a peace sign on my windshield. My car is right next to the sidewalk, and I knew it would be a prime target for “snow graffiti”, so I decided to draw a smiley face and peace sign. I figured it would be the foundation for “positive snow graffiti discussion.” Alas, I woke up to lots of penis drawings, but all you can do is giggle. I mean, at least they were anatomically correct! Besides, I may have drawn a penis or two in my lifetime.




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