Popeye’s “Cheat Meal”

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While I had a delicious Friday meal filled with desserts and a gourmet burger, I’ve been really careless with my food at home. I’m not sure what has been going on but I keep leaving food on the counter. First it was a pot of delicious quinoa. I make a banging quinoa, and this time around I was even using vegetable bullion, so I was crushed to come home the next morning to find it sitting on top of the stove. A few days later I made some delicious re-fried beans and again I left them out. The last straw happened this morning when I woke up, watched a super adorable animal video online, and came into the kitchen to find my carton filled with four perfectly good eggs lying out on the counter. A few strong F-bombs and I crumpled back into bed. I guess my mind is all over the place.

I budget my food bills pretty well, and I tend to spend the same amount each week—give or take if my favorite wine is on sale or not—but I pay a bit more than the average college student and I don’t like food to go to waste for financial and moral reasons. Plus I firmly believe in the phrase: “waste not, want not.” While the above story may make me seem like a space cadet, I have been known to think of ingenious ways to save things that are on their way out. This rings particularly true in the realm of dark leafy greens, especially kale. I like kale, but they sell it in such a large bundle. I almost always have to bake the leftovers into kale chips, which are delicious. After a few weeks of ending up with left over spinach that was starting to wilt I realized I could apply the same process. Spinach chips are delicate, a little sweeter, and are already sized for you, unlike kale chips which you need to break up. But, just like kale chips, you’ll go through a whole batch in one sitting. Move over Lays.



(Recipe) If you really spray your pan down you can get away with not using parchment paper.


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