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I was at my work-study when a woman came to my window asking for her refund check. While I was looking over her photo ID she exclaimed “you have such beautiful skin! You’re glowing.” It’d be a huge lie to say this was news to me, as people have been commenting on my skin since high school (including the sports trainer, a woman who didn’t know the word tweezers, who couldn’t stop stroking my torn hamstring and exclaiming how soft my skin was.) Call me hot chocolate! But really, part if it is because I was blessed with good genetics, but the other half is due to vigilant skincare. I have some lotions and potions, but I try to keep it simple and (most importantly) au natural.

For starters I wash my face with ground up oatmeal.  It may sound crazy, but it’s really gentle, mildly exfoliating, and chemical free. When you go off your regular cleanser your face might freak out a month, but then you’ll come out on the other side more radiant than before. I follow up washing by using coconut oil to moisturize. While it might not be ideal for truly oily skin, it’s something to look into, especially during the dry winter.

I’ve been doing this skincare regiment for a little over a year, sometimes using a toner made of water, vegetable glycerin, and raw apple cider vinegar. I’ve decided to start taking preventative measures for the delicate skin under my eyes and in the corners to keep the crows feet at bay. I whipped together a combination of coconut and vitamin-e oil and stored it in a mini mason jar. Each morning I apply it under my eye and up to the corners. It’s been a few weeks, but I think I’m seeing a reduction in “puff.” I’m not afraid to grow old, even with all the trappings like sagging and wrinkling, but I’m definitely not against aging gracefully and slowly so I can let my natural beauty show throw and not have to fall back on caking on makeup.





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5 thoughts on “Smile with your eyes

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  2. Ok, first of all – you rock. Second of all, I am SO GRATEFUL to have read this because crazy enough – you just answered all the things I have been googling. There are soooooooooo many things you just named that I JUST started using! My coconut oil just ran out (I used it for EVERYTHING) and I think I am going to die without it. The city I am in right now I can’t find organic again! What brand do you have???

    I have never tried oatmeal to wash skin! I use a medium amount of foundation though when I leave the house — do you think it would remove the makeup?

    OK sorry this is the longest comment ever but I was also JW about the vinegar, I just started putting it in water for “energy shots” haha and I tried some on my face but IDK… do you really think it helps a lot?

    I am so going to make that eye cream with vit e as soon as I get more coco nut oil I am so excited!

    • Aw girl, thanks! Right now I”m using an organic brand I found at TJ Maxx: Sonoma Harvest. TJ maxx is great for those types of things. Same size and easily 3 dollars cheaper than what you’ll buy in a grocery store. Buy it in glass when possible.

      About the foundation: I don’t use it, but I bet it would since it does have some grain to it, but I cannot be 100% sure. I don’t think ACV is amazing on the face, but then again I also don’t need heavy duty action. I use it more in the summer when I wanna get that extra grime off from all the sweating. But, but, buttttt if you use it on your face make sure you’re diluting it! But it is great in water. I do it every so often. I think it helps curb hunger a little. I just do acv with lemon juice (I don’t do the whole honey bit most people do.) So it’s great if you know you might have a long day before you can eat properly. I hope this all helps. As with all natural things you might not see the results right away, but I like knowing I’m not putting lots of chemicals on my face 🙂 #tokenhippiestatment.

      ps: check out this blog post on my old blog. I made a green tea toner. unfortunately you have to get rid of it every few days, but it was honest to goodness so great feeling on my face. Imagine sticking lots of cumber slices all over you.

      • I did the oats last night and this AM and all the dead, nasty skin on my face is gone!!! 😀 Yay! The only thing is… it clogged up the sink last night haha so today I did it over a trash… anywho! I am gonna check out the green tea toner and do it! I think we just ran out of green tea – only black tea now, so I will pick some up soon! Mmmmm mm to the cucumbers all over you! I just used the last bit of cucumber in my watermelon – cucumber juice and now that you mentioned that, I am sad I didnt save some of it haha. I hope you have a splendid day and it is so fun to have another “hippie minded” friend out there! You are blogging from New England I think I saw…?

      • Yes the oatmeal can clog things up. Did you grind it? It makes a really fine powder that I feel safe using when I shower. A simple coffee grinder works wonders.

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