Croissants and academics

I have mixed feelings about coffee shops. As a writer I should love them. I should be excited to settle down in a rustic space with my laptop to work on my wordy labor of love. The thing is not everyone is going to a coffee shop to tap into their inner Hemmingway. They are chatting with friends about the recent yoga class, meeting with colleagues, sipping coffee and fresh juice while moaning and groaning about their hangovers. Plus people are always bumping into you. Undoubtedly someone is talking on the phone. Even I’ve had to conduct a few interviews at a coffee shop for my internship while feeling bad about interrupting a person’s book.


Creative writing I cannot undertake under these conditions. But if I can slide into a coffee shop during the less hectic times—a sad and small window of opportunity—I can get a productive one or two hours of work accomplished on my Capstone Project *, compared to when I’m home by my comfy bed and computer that has speedy internet access to non-academic sites.


Muddy Waters is the place-to-go-to coffee shop in Burlington. They make a great hot chocolate, their chocolate croissants are absolutely to die for and worth the gluten reaction, and if you look around carefully you’ll find little notes rolled or folded in nooks and crannies.




*Every major at my school has to undertake a Capstone during their senior year. Mine is research based and I’m studying child hunger in the country and in Vermont. I’m taking a look at what is being done correctly, what can be amended, and what isn’t being looked at. I’m hoping to interview school workers, students, government members, and organizations that are working on or affected by this nationwide conflict. Right now I’m in research phase, so not sitting in bed to read through scientific studies and bills is really helpful.


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