Red, red wine its up to you


Red wine and a new bangle

I like lots of white things: white dresses, white fluffy clouds, white dishes, and white men. One item that won’t be making the list is white wine. The taste, the smell: I find it insufferable. A Moscato is the only white wine I’ll drink, and, let’s face it, a Moscato is a grown up Juicey-Juice. Nope, I like my wines to come in a deep red color. I’m a big of Malbec, Shiraz, and Syrah, but for the past few months I’ve been on the hunt for a nice, simple red blend. This would be a wine I could uncork (or unscrew, which is common nowadays) midweek to relax with while I do my nails or watch a movie. Nothing crazy special but definitely nothing horrible; something that was cheap and easy to find. So far I enjoy Our Daily Red, an affordable organic table wine, but its best to not put all your eggs in one basket; variety is life’s spice.

On a whim I decided to purchase a red wine out of Italy called Opera Prima (the 2011 year.) It has some layers in taste(not completely flat like, say, Sweet Red by Barefoot) and the aftertaste isn’t harsh like most cheap wines. I always pour a glass and let it air for some time while I putz around the apartment and after reading the reviews it seems like it was a good idea. The fruitiness kicked in the next day and after paying $4.99 for it (usually $7.99, but I always see it on sale at the co-op) I was pleased with the quality.

If you are interested in wine and are:

A.)   Feeling too shy to engage in deep conversation at a shop or tasting

B.)    Nowhere near a real wine store

C.)    Are at the grocery store and want to try something new with a smaller chance of getting burned and want a quick idea of what you’re getting yourself into

Then take a look at this super infographic. I started with out Shiraz, and low and behold my other favorites are in the family of wines I should like. Mencia I plan on tackling you next!






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