Belated Saturday

I always try to make Saturday a day of relaxation and variety. Maybe I’ll window shop downtown, go to yoga teacher training and give my back the bends it so desires, grab food with a friend, or chill out with some wine before hitting the clubs. When I hit all of those points I feel rather accomplished! Here’s a peek into the day:


Some local literature I picked up while leaving the co-op. As someone who would love to sell a few food writing pieces in her lifetime, I thoroughly enjoy reading food stories from Vermonter’s and it’s nice to take my eyes off the computer screen from time to time.

802 Spirits is put out by the Vermont Department of Liquor Control. They highlight some new beverages, feature small articles, provide a few cocktail recipes, and, most importantly, have the prices of liquor broken down by type. If you’re ever thinking of stocking up and creating a mini bar, it’s nice to have an idea of how much you’ll be plunking down before you head to the store, which can be an overwhelming process that puts you in a zombie like state.


I went down to see one of my best friends at El Gato Cantina. I’m busy and she student teaches so it has been far too long since we’ve seen one another. We each got great (and strong) mango margaritas! I was feeling rather “foodie” and experimental and tried a taco with beef tongue. It was so soft on the teeth, but then a piece fell out of the wrapping and I spotted taste buds. It made the situation a little “too real” for me. Ah, my American food-squeamish side is showing through 😉

The sunset from the window by my bed. Gorgeous as always.





One thought on “Belated Saturday

  1. Ooh, a mango margarita sounds good right about now! They might not be as light and airy as croissants, but those are some calories I wouldn’t complain about – ever! Glad you had a lovely Saturday (:


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