Morning, sunshine.

Eating is one of my favorite pastimes and breakfast is one of my favorite meals.  Breakfast is a time for me to tell my stomach the day is upon us and we need to put our best foot forward.

There is something comforting about breakfast. Lunch is on the fly, dinner leaves room for us to experiment and digest, but breakfast is consistent with a few variations. You don’t need to think about the steps, and even if the hours ahead of you are chaotic at least you have a bit of stability before you crash into your day.

Breakfast in 4 different filters:


The three S’s: salty, sweet, sip. I like to give my taste buds some flavor and consistency variety in the morning. That’s probably why I’ve never been a huge fan of plain old cereal and why brunch pulls at my heartstrings. It could also be the fact that brunch also means socially acceptable morning drinking….

breakfast no tea

I always order scrambled eggs when I’m out because I like my eggs prepared at a certain level of runniness that only I am used to achieving. Besides, the yoke looks pretty against the blue plates.


Food photography (though don’t get the idea that I think of myself as some grand “photographer”, more just a point and shooter with humble ambitions) 99% of the time focuses on the prep and product but rarely the actual end point. That’s part of the process too: the dishes, the onion skins, the fat trimmed off meat. I take pride in my messes because it means I’m making something from scratch. Call me silly, but I think we have a duty to show that side as well 🙂



Scroll down the page for a beautiful shot of  leftover citrus rinds. Lovely, lovely, lovely.


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