Throw some glitter make it rain

Reds and pinks really pop against my skin tone, but in all honesty I don’t find myself drawn to them. But I still felt that I should be a little punchy on Valentine’s Day. I went with the next best thing; sequins. There is just something about the glittery nature of throwing on a sequined article of clothing that makes you beam. I mean you can’t be dour when you’re throwing off little rays of light wherever you turn.

True to nature, I didn’t go terribly crazy after I threw the tank on. I wore my Gap skinnies, my Sam Edelman boots that get more comfortable every day I wear them, and this awesome new cardigan I snatched up at Goodwill. I wish someone hadn’t ripped off the tag with the brand name, because it’s so well constructed and comfy. I want to own everything that designer puts out. The ribbed cuffs are extended and go all the way to my knuckles. The weight allows it to hang open, but if it’s chilly it has great wrapping potential.

Spotted: the skinny arm pose

Spotted: the skinny arm pose







A little bit of humor


3 thoughts on “Throw some glitter make it rain

  1. Good choice with the sequins – they add the perfect shine to your outfit! It’s a nice deviation from the typical pink and red outfits! Thanks for sharing (:


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