Hybrid apparel: LBD

Last night I went to a Little Black Dress party a friend was hosting. I love gatherings of the girls and the LBD theme, in my opinion, is the easiest to follow. If you don’t have a LBD it’s not hard to find one at any store, be you preppy, punk, classic, or scandalous.

I currently have two LBDs. One is long and perfect for a warm spring or cool summer day and the other was a little more va-va-voom than I felt was necessary for the night. I was about to go for the long dress when I saw my new cardigan and got an idea—remember how I said it had great wrapping potential?




I like how it comes down a little in the front– an unexpected touch!

 A quick belt job cinched everything in and I never once thought it would come undone. I wore actual underwear last night, but for the (obvious) purpose of these photos I wore my high waisted American Apparel Cotton Shorts and a bandeau; if you are a bit nervous you can very easily wear something more covering than a bra and panties under this outfit without it affecting the fit.

Oh. And I cannot forget the shoes! I got these darlings a few days after the Sam Edelman find. They’re by the LA company Seychelles, but at the time I wasn’t familiar with them. I could just tell by the feel and the style that I was probably getting some expensive wedges for the price of a coffee. And, just like the Edelman boots, I think these might have been worn once or twice.

It's nice to see how the other side, the tall side, lives

It’s nice to see how the other side, the tall side, lives




An entirely thrifted outfit:

Cardigan/”dress”: $3.50

Leather waist belt: $1.50

Wedges: $2.50

Total: $7



***Special thanks to PLNDR, Brighter Fire Apparel, and American Apparel (Kingston) for liking the 3part photo that was put up on Instagram.blushingif


2 thoughts on “Hybrid apparel: LBD

    • Thanks! Luckily the Goodwill I work has relatively affluent towns surrounding it so the quality of the items is pretty good, and over the years I’ve gotten good at spotting items!

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