Skin care advice.

A good set of cast iron pans.

A love of cooking.

 These are things I hope to pass down to my children if life takes me down that road. I think there is something wonderful in sharing a piece of yourself, tangible or intangible, with family. As someone who was adopted as a baby with no idea who her mother and father were, I guess I’m a bit sentimental and zealous about these sorts of things, in the way a WASPY New Englander might be about family treasures.

When I was in my teens I found out a string of pearls would become part of my legacy when I got married. I never got to see them, but during a impromptu trip home on Monday to do some errands that could only be accomplished in state(more on that another day), I convinced my mom to let me take a peek. Like any baby of the family, I have a flair for manipulation, and I asked her this at night when she was tired and would be less likely to protest.

She retrieved the jewelry and informed me that they actually belonged to my great-grandmother, meaning they are easily from the 1800s. The strand was old and overtime had broken and two of the diamonds in the clasp fell out, so they’ll need to be restrung and “re-diamond” before my wedding; my father will have to tell my would-be husband that he’ll need to buy me a few extra diamonds on top of the engagement ring 😉

We cant figure out if these 2 pearls fell off of the strands of if they were once earrings

We cant figure out if these 2 pearls fell off of the strands of if they were once earrings



They’re so gorgeous and I love that they have some tasteful heft. I’ve been ambivalent to the idea of a wedding dress (something white and easy to stain that you’ll only wear once?!) so as of now I have no qualms about buying a very simple dress and letting the pearls take center stage. I never got to meet my great-grandmother, but I’m truly honored that I’ll be able to bring the long, strong, and lovely line of Harvey women down the aisle with me.

Maybe in 30 years I’ll be passing these off to my daughter. And if I don’t have a daughter then off to my son’s fiancé they’ll go. And if my son marries a man, and pearls on men aren’t en vogue at the time, I guess I’ll just have to take them to the grave and be stunning in the afterlife.




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