Champagne hangovers

First off, I’d like to say that I’m out at the bar right now nursing a margarita and being anti-social. I thought I might as well be productive and blog. So here is my first ever cell phone post! Android WordPress app is pretty nifty.


Anyway, last night I drank “champagne.” One goes into this type of evening knowing the next day will inevitably mean the worst functional hangover imaginable. Like, the world seems cruel but you aren’t down enough to lay in bed all day without feeling like a lazy you know what.

At 11 I ate a banana, downed a glass of water and 3 Tylenol, and gathered my life together for a cross town trek to retrieve my car from my friend’s apt. The walk in the winter air surrounded by fat snowflakes was exactly what I needed. I saw some “drug dealing shoes” (I’m guessing in VT its more of the wacky tobacky than crack type of dealing…) & stopped in at the Asian food store to grab a banh mi sandwich. A culinary fusion that is part French and part Vietnamese, it is salty, filling, and the flavors and textures are diverse as the sandwiches origins. At $3.50 its the perfect hangover meal.



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