Beef and Broccoli


I’m not opposed to eating red meat, but I certainly don’t desire it every day. Instead I crave it once or twice a month, and I usually satisfy that craving by getting a big, greasy, cheese burger, and also making beef and broccoli at home. A Filet Mignon would be nice, but, let’s be fiscally real here 😉


Beef and broccoli is an easy, quick, and inexpensive meal to pull together. The stuff that comes in cartons at Chinese restaurants, while delicious, is sodium packed and a little heavy, which is why I love the way I prepare it. I use as little sauce as possible, because I want the flavor of the meat and broccoli to really take center stage.


This “recipe” doesn’t have any set amounts—mix and match flavors and quantities to satisfy your taste buds at the moment—or feature cornstarch (which is used as a thickening agent.) This makes it simple, clean, delectable. It was so easy and mess free to put together that I actually had time and space to play around with plating.




Soy Sauce (or Tamari if you’re GF)

Sesame oil

Brown Sugar



Roasted Red Pepper Flakes


Cut the steak into thin strips and place in a bowl. Mix together a small amount of soy sauce, sesame oil, and brown sugar. Pour over steak and mix together. This is a really light marinade, so the steak won’t be “swimming” in lots of sauce (which I think is so wasteful!) Let sit anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

 Meanwhile, cut broccoli and clove(s) of garlic. Drizzle olive oil into pan and heat at medium. Saute ingredients for two minutes. Lower heat to the simmer setting, add red pepper flakes, and cover the pan. This will allow the broccoli to cook and keep the garlic from burning. Check on it every three minutes until desired tenderness is reached.

 Oil another pan and heat to medium high. Depending on how many strips of steak you have, work in small patches (6-8 strips at a time.) Taking thickness and personal taste into account, heat steak for anywhere from 1 minute to 3 minutes and flip sides. I like to go a little shorter on the second side because meat cooks once it’s been taken off the heat source.

 Bring all the ingredients together and enjoy.





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