Monday, monday

I tackled Monday by sheer overcompensation. I.e, I made sure I looked incredibly put together. Today I wore a dark blue dress from H&M with a leather waist belt, tights, my Edelman boots, and my black cardigan; I strongly believe that what you wear can really set the mood for the day. I also spiced up my usual breakfast by having a glass of grapefruit juice leftover from this weekend’s champagne-fest and a few slices of smoked salmon. It doesn’t seem terribly lifechanging, but the little things add up.

Turn that sour face into a smile.

Turn that sour face into a smile. I even did the whole “makeup” thing.



Despite the initial morning energy, I needed a pick-me-up come 430. I’ve been seeing an awful lot of bloggers post photos of macarons on Instagram, and a pastry shop a block down from where I live has rows of them.  Playing it safe I chose chocolate and coffee. I also grabbed a mini Sonic Cake and French-style hot chocolate, which is subtle and delicious. The coffee macaron was far superior to the chocolate, and I’m looking forward to tackling the umpteen other flavors. The Sonic Cake was the clear winner, though!  At $2.50 I think I’ve found my new sweet-tooth obsession, and I never feel guilty about nibbling on high quality sweets. Bathing suit season is overrated anyway 😉






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