My quarter life crisis!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and although March seems pretty far into the year, it is a perfect time for me to officially establish my hopes and dreams and desires and personality makeovers. Overall, 21 was fun. And stressful. And sometimes troublesome. And academically rewarding. I learned how to scream. I learned how to be selfish in a way that a 21 year old girl woman going into the world should be selfish. I learned when to say “too much” and when to take on more. It’s cliched, but I started to feel very comfortable with myself.

22, on the other hand,  seems daunting. For one I’m graduating and the writing world generally isn’t a place where you walk out of graduation and find yourself in a comfy office with an oversized computer screen. Plus there’s the whole notion of student loans. To say I’m a ball of stress would be a small understatement. 21, to me, felt like a cute year. 22 feels like I’m wading out into the pool of young professionalisn and the era of “the 20-something.” I want to embrace it, but at the same time I want to hide, preferably in a place where they serve espresso martinis and creative brunch selections.


On a happier note. I did get some gifts already!

Mom and Dad:

The usual Ben Franklin and a touching card. It reads:

For a terrific daughter.


 If today you’re feeling happy,

If your heart is filled with love,

If you find that you are smiling,

All day through …

Then you might have some idea,

Just a hint of how it feels

To have a daughter who’s

As dear as you.


Plans for the money: Brunch at Leunigs, the fancy and expensive French Bistro down the street. A macro/micro camera phone lense. Perhaps my first pricey perfume.



awww <3

awww ❤

My dear gal pals who graduated this past year came to visit and crash on my super swanky futon. We caught up on gossip and I got to hear about their adventures. They have a new business in the making (please check them out) centered around event planning and catering. They went above and beyond and brought me a gift, which is clearly a sign of their good taste and presentation abilities! To my surprise I received mead, 2 bars of organic chocolate tied with a cute string, and a lovely card.

I don’t think the stress of this year will go away for a very long time, but I’m taking it in stride. And who can be 100% dour with chocolate, honey wine, and play money 😉





2 thoughts on “My quarter life crisis!

  1. Happy (almost) birthday! I’m jealous you’ve been able to enjoy being 21…I’ve got a few months to go. I hope it’s great and that the bistro leads to a memorable brunch/birthday experience (;


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