Down with the sickness

I spent 20 hours in bed or on the couch yesterday. I was grateful I didn’t come down with the flu, but shocked by how much the common cold really laid me out. Having a whole day off allowed me to be scientific—as scientific as you can when your body is hot and then cold and your head feels like a lead balloon—in playing around with different ways to ease whatever pains I had. Hopefully you don’t get sick again this winter, but if you do you’ll have some ideas to try out!

Dry Sinuses

For 2 nights this painful side effect had dragged me out of my dreams. Shockingly fast 3 AM thinking led me to the desk where I keep my coconut oil. Forget your manners—it is dark anyway—and rub a dab of it inside your nostrils. Coconut oil is soothing, smells good, and has antibacterial properties. The relief is instant and you’ll be pain-free and back asleep in no time.

Stuffed Sinuses

If you haven’t tried neti-ing then give it a shot. If you don’t own a neti pot then a shot glass will work just fine, albeit a little messier. Make sure you use filtered or boiled water (that has cooled, of course!) and not anything from the tap, just to be extra safe.  You’ll feel great, but don’t get too attached to this method. The salt water can dry out your nose, leaving you worse off than when you started.


Like most people I lose my appetite when I’m sick. My body is too busy fighting off germs to be bothered with digesting food. I nibble fruits throughout the day and make sure I get adequate amounts of liquid. Water is the best. Tea is soothing. Warmed grapefruit juice is the cherry on top.


Juice 1 grapefruit (yields 1 cup) and put it in a sauce pan. Add ¼ cup of water, a cinnamon stick (or sprinkle in some cinnamon powder), and 1 tablespoon of honey. Give it a quick stir and heat on high until boiling. Pour into mug and let sit for a few minutes. Grab a blanket, plop yourself on the couch, sip while watching something funny. Don’t pass out with it in hand.

I send you sniffling love from my bed. I’m hoping to spend only 10 hours in bed today!,



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