Shirking Sensibilities

My birthday was quiet, as expected, but I had a wonderful brunch with my friend Amanda—who got me a delicious bottle of Chianti wine with quirky copy writing on the label—and we walked around Church Street all afternoon.

I’ve been slowly finding ways to spend my birthday money from my parents and relatives. Thanks to working at Goodwill, I’m never used to spending more than $10 on myself at one time (and that $10 will get me a few items!) so I feel overwhelmed when I have play money. Half of me wants to be overly responsible and use it for gas money and the other side wants me to blow it at the bar and ensure a mighty fine hangover. I think I’ve done a good job settling in the middle. I’ve spent a few on drinks but ultimately I’ve bought items that do have longevity.

I treated myself to two new Essie Nail Polish colors (the pink is Miami Nice and the blue is Butter Please) and got a set of gold and silver bangles I’d been eying at the Goodwill.





A lover of leggings, it seemed appropriate that I should use my birthday money to spice up that section of my closet, so when I saw 50% off my first purchase from, it was a sign from the birthday gods. This is such a fun website and their shoe section has to-die-for boots.

tobi leggings

I also got a pair of stacking rings. We never get these in at work and right now they’re often too far outside my budget. The elastic band means they’ll fit me, and while I like my clothing pretty laid back and simple, I can’t help but notice my growing obsession for gaudy jewelry!





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