Seasonal Changes

I really like when spring passes on the seasonal baton to summer and then summer hands it off to fall. In New England we go from wet days where flowers peek up through the mud to surprisingly humid summers that are a sunny and much needed change from winter. And any New Yorker will tell you we have an amazing foliage season here in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Coupled with apple picking, crunchy leaves, and the closet return of our favorite chunky sweaters,  the beauty of fall kind of makes you forget about the dropping temperatures and impending doom snow.

On the flip side, fall to winter and winter to spring are rather bothersome shifts, in my opinion. The weather is all, as I call it, “menopausal” and the air brings along dryness and allergies. It also calls for a kitchen shift. If you listen to your body carefully enough you’ll notice yourself craving particular foods during certain seasons. During the winter my quinoa dishes are tremendously satisfying, but I’ve noticed the transition my body has started to make. Quinoa just isn’t doing it for me anymore, whereas rice is starting to sound more appealing. I think my tummy is ramping up for summer and copious amounts of Asian and Mexican recipes. Saying goodbye to a favorite kitchen meal can be sad, but it keeps you from getting stuck in a rut.

At least I bid a fond farewell with a beautiful bang.







I look forward to “unpacking” my quinoa during the next cold weather go around, along with my gray circle scarf that is becoming far too warm.





2 thoughts on “Seasonal Changes

  1. Everything looks so fresh! I’ve yet to try quinoa…maybe your post is a sign telling me to get on it! Thanks for sharing (:


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