Sentimental Shirts


I could write a lot about this shirt, but it’d just make me feel a little sad, bittersweet, and nostalgic for a certain period in my life. You’ve probably heard the story before:

Boy liked girl.

Girl liked boy.

Boy and girl got to know each other.

Boy moved away to rotten old Austin, Texas.

Short interests are great. You haven’t known each other long enough to fight. But you also only have good memories to hold onto, which can be hard. But, if you’re lucky, you’ll also make it out with something physical to keep around. I ended up with a shirt, which has hung in my closet for as long as I knew him, but I never really wore. I contemplated donating it a few weeks back, but was surprised I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It was only one shirt so it wasn’t taking up that much room; I let it stay.


Quick photo and I was out the door for food! That cold had me craving heavy meals.


It was a good thing, because earlier this week I had to drag my sick body out to dinner with a friend. My closet was down to slim pickings, and we were just going out for burgers so I settled on some leggings, my denim jacket, the shirt I hadn’t worn since the summer, my big circle scarf, and baby blue sneakers. I usually like the articles of clothing I’m wearing to correspond seamlessly with one another, but for some reason this worked. This look personified casual and laid back. Hmm, like someone I once knew 😉


Do you have any sentimental pieces of clothing you can’t let go of?




6 thoughts on “Sentimental Shirts

  1. My most sentimental pieces of clothing are ratty old t-shirts from my elementary days…like a Harvard shirt my dad got for me on a business trip and a shirt I won at a science fair. So silly, but I can’t get rid of them! Nice post! : )

    • I have so many old t-shirts! Or these pj bottoms my friend got me in the 8th grade. They’re “silk”, yellow, and have monkeys and bananas on them. It’s funny to see what pulls on those sentimental heart strings.

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