Delicious Leather

There are closet essentials and closet gems. You might not wear the gems on a regular basis, but you’ll be really glad you had them when the event, mood, or situation arises where they could play a leading role in the right outfit. I’m still on the hunt for a perfect pair of pumps, but as of this weekend I can officially cross leather skirt off my list.


Leather skirts, no matter the color, can be hit or miss. It’s difficult to find one with the right textile feel, the correct length, and the appropriate look—i.e maybe you want something that you theoretically could wear to a family gathering and not just out at a club 😉 This leather skirt I stumbled upon fit the criteria to a T and, most importantly, the price was right!

Because I’m a towering 5’3, I wanted a short skirt that would emphasis my legs. But I do like how it has a high-waist instead of resting on the hips because it gives the skirt the illusion of not being so “mini.” A high-waist, whether it’s in pants or a skirt, always makes your butt look fuller and all around better.

I’ve been working on not always wearing the same shirts with the same bottoms, so just like with the LBD I got a few weeks back, I played around with different tops to wear with this skirt.


Of course there is the classic tuck in.



I get chilly easily so I had to figure in my cozy grey cardigan. I like the noticeable difference in colors and texture.


Leather on Leather? I might have to warm up to the idea a little, but I think it can be done. Maybe a different shirt?



Denim and leather? Stop the presses! Oddly enough I love it. I think it’s different, it gets me outside my comfort zone, and the jacket definitely dresses down the skirt. I can see myself wearing this in Montreal!


A great look for $5.50. I couldn’t be happier!





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