Gold stacks

Since mid-summer I’ve been pining for a set of stackable rings. But whenever I found them at jewelry stores or boutiques they were always way outside my budget (think $80/ring!) Plus you have to get each ring in a slightly different size since the entire length of a finger is, in the most inconvenient way,  not the same width. It seemed liked this trend wouldn’t be a fiscally sound purchase for this budding jewelry-ista. Thankfully I learned about the website Tobi Girl (which has a fantastic shoe section!) and their awesome 50% off promo for first time shoppers. Right at the top of their jewelry section was a cute gold stack for $9. Let’s just say I know a divine sign when I see one!




I can also wear one per finger and make it look like those bar rings

So far I really love them. They’re fun to pair with a neutral outfit because they give it that unexpected splash of color and punk-style pop. The reason I felt comfortable buying them online was because the rings are elastic, so size wasn’t an issue. It is also a great feature because our fingers swell and shrink depending on the temperature, what we’ve eaten and drank, hormonal changes, and a slew of other medical reasons, so the rings work with my body.


How do you like to wear your jewelry? Conservative? Wild? Gaudy? Classy? It’s all good!




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