Food Video Mondays: Gnocchi & Spinach Sauce

This video is of a loving husband and wife living in France. Like every good couple, they split up the duties! The wife prepares the gnocchi and the husband wields a fabulous immersion blender (probably the most useful kitchen tool imaginable) to whip up a spinach sauce. From the looks of what goes into making gnocchi (a potato dumpling) if someone ever makes it for me, be they young or old or man or woman, I will grab their face and give them a kiss on the cheek, because it seems like quite the labor intensive project!

I love the sounds and the feelings and the “realness” the video conveys. The tools they use are simple and old instead of fancy and new from Williams and Sonoma. If the pots could talk I imagine they would have great stories to tell. The lighting shows the true progression of what it’s like to be an everyday cook, especially one who likes to take photographs! I too often start with beautiful, natural light and by the time the meal is all put together it’s too dark for any decent “final photo” 😉 And I love the lack of plating. I appreciate a well stacked or geometrically designed meal, but in all honesty the majority of us plop it on a dish; it’s all going to the same place anyway!

Check out the bloggers that put together this fabulous video while WWOOFing

Love and have a great week!


Ps: This is a truly busy, busy week for me. I’ll try to stay up to date when possible, but I might be silent until Thursday evening. Have no fear, I still love you all!


2 thoughts on “Food Video Mondays: Gnocchi & Spinach Sauce

  1. Did you know that gnocchi is my favorite pasta and spinach is my favorite vegetable? Great video – now, if only I was living in France right now, too! Thanks for sharing (;


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