Casual Attire

I’m back! Last week was a busy one with a job fair, playing catch up on a big project, a surprise interview with a publishing company in Vermont, and juggling the usual suspects. I got through it all thanks to lots of healthy hydration, fruit, cocoa covered almonds, and pulling on my big girl panties every day. With graduation on the horizon, something tells me life won’t be slowing down anytime soon! But true to my nature, I took great pains to keep myself presentable, even though the sweatpants I wore when furiously writing on the couch looked oh so comfy.

Come Thursday morning my big assignment was due, which meant after a long Wednesday all-nighter I was feeling worse for the wear. I took it as a challenge to pull together a laid back look that was still cute.As the phrase goes, be like the duck:  remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.

I adore dark wash jeans, but my lighter jeggings from the Gap have a more worn in, casual look, so I grabbed them off the shelf. Usually I zip up my Edelman boots, but even the tiny heel seemed like more effort than it was worth that day, so I added an extra cuff on my jeans and threw on my blue sneakers.



When it came to tops I wanted the furthest thing from restrictive. I reached for a blue men’s button up I had gotten last year and layered it under my black cardigan. Since they both go low in the back, I didn’t have to worry about wearing a belt. For the men’s top I bought a size small (I’m generally SM/M in women’s tops) so you can tell it isn’t meant to be form fitting, but I’m far from swimming around in the fabric.

For accessories I went with a delicate, blue necklace to add a bit of femininity (and stay with the increasingly apparent blue motif) and, thanks a lovely sunny sky, I got to unearth my sunglasses. I have a tendency to sit or step on them, so I always buy pairs that are less than $10. I had work after my 930 class so I stuffed a funny book & a collection of poems by Gary Soto in my Axara purse* and grudgingly sauntered out the door.


$2.98; I can't be trusted.

$2.98; I can’t be trusted.

Good reads for break time

Good reads for break time

I’m always surprised how an outfit can encourage a mood. At the job fair I wore a high-waist skirt that hit above the knee with a silk top tucked in, tights, flats, and I felt very office ready. A few weekends back I wore a short blue skirt, tight top, and I immediately felt a little scandalous and sexy. This look above left me feeling like I should be lackadaisically wandering around the Champs-Elysee with a baguette, sausage, a bottle of red wine, and zero cares in the world. My tired eyes and congested sinuses were long forgotten!

How do you dress for those days when you’d rather stay in bed?



*This Axara purse is actually one the most expensive purchases I’ve made in the past two years and since it’s starting to show its age I’m definitely going to be writing up a review soon. Of course it is last season, but it might give some insight on the brand’s quality!


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