Cooking: how I break from life

Noticing my roommate had gone out and purchased some PB, I decided it was the perfect time to try out a peanut butter and sesame sauce I’d been inexplicably craving.

Instead of drizzling it on top of rice noodles I decided to coat it over  drumsticks I had in the refrigerator. Chicken is fun to cook with because it acts as a blank, meaty canvas.  You can make it taste boring and sanctimonious (think people who live by boiled, skinless chicken breasts), homey (covered with olive oil and spices until the skin is crackling), PMS or football game worthy (mmm, fried wings that are so unhealthy and delicious), and Asian inspired. Beef and pork just aren’t as versatile.






Sprinkle in some hot flakes

Sprinkle in some hot flakes


Of course I tinkered with the sauce recipe. I added more peanut butter (and used chunky instead of smooth because that’s all I, I mean, my roommate had), lessened the sesame oil since I ran out, cut back on the soy sauce, used honey instead of sugar because I don’t keep it around the house, and the only vinegar I have is distilled and used for cleaning the floor so I pulled out the bottle of Braggs. Always, always be open to improve.




For a side I went with baked asparagus covered in olive oil, lemon juice, and some shaved Parmesan. I didn’t really like the final consistency—way too stringy and tough—so next time I think I’ll just take the extra step and sauté.



Nothing is better than synchronizing a meal so the meat is finished with 3 minutes left to cool on the table before the sides are done.







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