Pizza! Pizza!

I admit to not being the best gluten free gal. I was for 11 months, not once letting soft, chewy wheat pass underneath my teeth. But I caved after awhile. Yes, eating gluten does make me sick. Instantly. It makes my head feel foggy, my mouth a bit tingly, and I’m also extra tired the next day.

But what is pleasure without a little bit of pain. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and I personally enjoy the occasional slice of pizza when coming back from the bar, or  a croissant, an English muffin, and the ability to consume a disgusting amount of cinnamon buns on Christmas morning with the family (and rolls at dinner!) even if it means waking up the next morning and feeling like someone took a hammer to my feet.

But as a rule of thumb I don’t buy wheat products to keep around the house. And I also don’t buy a lot of gluten-free products—which are expensive and high in calories in all honesty—but when I saw Pamela’s Pizza mix on sale for $2.99 I had to try it.

Pamela’s products are well-known and often carried in major grocery stores. Her bread mix wasn’t my favorite ( a little too dense and I wasn’t a fan of the taste), but the pizza flour produced a brown crust with a soft, but not gooey, middle. Plus it reheated nicely!

Stir, baby, stir

Stir, baby, stir

Any excuse to whip out my vintage 1960’s Kitchen Aid Mixer that I snagged at Goodwill for $12.99 makes me happy. Sure beats the price tag for brand new mixers, and I hear the older ones, under the Hobart company, and made better than the ones today! Who cares if it isn’t a fun color.

Even used they can fetch $100 on Ebay! And they are made like tanks.

Even used they can fetch $100 on Ebay! And they are made like tanks.

Always remember to take your rings off, lest you spend the rest of the day cleaning all the nooks and crannies.


Working with gluten-free dough is harder. It’s sticky and likes to peel; Don’t bother with a rolling pin. Wet your fingers with olive oil and press away. And instead of buying expensive gluten-free all purpose flour, use corn meal for dusting. It lowers the risk of peeling and adds a bit of flavor.



I decided to make 2 pizzas: anchovy and cheese and just plain cheese. A few weeks ago I realized how weirdly delicious anchovies are: salty, chewy, and the cans are so darn cute. I think it weirds the register boy’s out, but I have no shame!


What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Personally, I love this one the expensive organic pizza place down the road makes: apples, basil, sausage, cheese, yum.




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