Food Video Mondays: Except not really…

Hello, beautiful people!

This past weekend was exceptionally cruel. Friday afternoon I grabbed some lunch with a friend and then settled down for a little afternoon siesta, with grand plans to get a lot of work done over the next few days. My plan crashed and burned when I was hit with a fierce case of bronchitis that left me bed ridden for three days, and I was sent home from work, fairly immediately, on Sunday. My back and abs feel like Iโ€™ve been teaching daily yoga classes, but really it has been from all the coughing.

I searched the internet for some good chicken noodle soup videos and found nothing particularly worthy of posting. Besides, Iโ€™m more in the broth stages of eating anyway and slightly running on that weird sort of mental clarity they talk about during the early stages of fasting! What I need right now is a dose of laughter, and what is better than watching someone elseโ€™s downfall. Cruel, yes, but these little, fluffy blokes and blokettes seem just fine!

I think everyone, be they sick or well, could use a case of laughter on a Monday.

Penguins Being Penguins (unfortunately I couldn’t embed this into the blog post, but I swear this link is safe and sound!)

Love (and sniffles/hacks/wheezes/and coughs),



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