Easy Tacos

Sorry I’ve been quiet on the blogging front. Bronchitis is a wicked ailment, and today is the first time in almost a week that I’ve felt great. And I finally have my appetite back. I got a burger downtown with a friend, remembered how good food tasted, and promptly walked next door to get a steak gyro at Ahli Baba’s. After all those days of not eating, I think my belly deserved some indulgence.

But as I digest all this naan and red meat, I’m already thinking of how to grocery shop for the next few weeks, which is bound to be an extremely hectic and stressful time. I have to keep a stocked fridge to ensure I don’t resort to buying meals out  I need things that are quick but also delicious…and don’t leave too many dishes!

“South American” style food always seems to fit the bill. The ingredients are simple, flavorful, generally inexpensive, and never boring in color. One of my favorite quickies is seafood tacos. You can make them with white fish, but I think it’s best to use shrimp.


For fillings I like: onions, tomatoes, and some kind of sweet fruit like mangoes or peaches (which I didn’t use this time around because if my memory serves me correctly, and it usually does, the mango became an early snack that afternoon) That isn’t a lot, but I hate tacos that overflow and, again, brevity is essential.

Mix together the fillings, detailed shrimp, fresh squeeze lime juice, and a mix of spices (I did a sprinkle of cayenne powder) and let them marinate in the fridge for fifteen or so minutes.  Adjust everything according to your preference.

While the fillings get their chill on, warm up the tortilla. I’m a fan of frying them with oil, because I like them soft but crunchy. You can also do them in the oven, or even in the microwave.


Once the tortillas are ready, you can spoon the filling on top or heat them up in a pan. Cooking the fillings is only necessary if your shrimp aren’t precooked.



A little wine while cooking never hurt anyone. I think?

A little wine while cooking never hurt anyone. I think?






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