Food Video Mondays: Play Catch Up

Food Video Monday’s has been lacking for the past month, and in order to make up for my poor food video posting ability, I bring you not one but four clis to watch!

The first one is from a blog I recently discovered called Happy Yolks. Their videos have a very Kinfolk Magazine vibe. Young professionals. Foodies. Mainly vegetarians. Lots of close ups of fingers and a calm sense. These are the types of folks that are way too cool to hang out with me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t admire them from afar.


This video is from a Swedish food blogger. She makes a very approachable recipe: lemonade. Don’t even think of touching the powered gunk! Grab some lemons, good sugar, mint, lots of ice, your best Brita/filtered water, and you’ll have yourself a refreshing, wholesome drink that you can sip on the porch. And, for those who like a little pep in their summer step, you can easily add some “spirits” and make yourself one giggly brew.


If we could describe this video as regular porn it’d be of the foreplay variety. Like all I wanted someone to do was just dig into that cupcake and eat it, but the build up with the chocolate and the sprinkles was so necessary. Eating is a process—the inexperienced go in for the kill, but the advanced know the meaning of savor. That being said, just ask a select group about last weekend when I drunk-wolfed down a huge cheesesteak in a five minute walk back to the car , treating it like Gollum handled his precious. I guess I could use some food foreplay brush up and everyone is now appalled by my appetite.


The Traveler’s Republic of Tofu captures everything food is: culture, variety, others, emotion, and getting your hands dirty. Since junior year I’ve always wanted to go to China to try the large variety of meats, vegetables, and noodle dishes. I want to know what it’s like to chop up a whole dead animal and become accomplished enough at making dumplings that I could do it blind folded. Foods seems fast over there, yet still lethargic. Perhaps I’ll take my graduation money and get lost in China for the summer—student loans? Say what?

Love (and salivate),




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