I knew I'd find a use for that spray-painted bottle!

I knew I’d find a use for that spray-painted bottle!

In two days I graduate . This afternoon is the rehearsal and my parents are driving down tomorrow for an event put on by the Professional Writing Major Program.  So far I’ve been pretty calm: drinks out with friends, relaxing with people I want to see, spending way too much money on dinner out, and catching some rays at the beach. I think it will all hit me tomorrow, though, when I see my mother’s face.

When I cross the aisle on Saturday I’ll be saying goodbye to some great moments and cringe-worthy college experiences and stepping into a new (hopefully employed) world.  I’m ready to start bringing new practices and maturity into my life. Perhaps it’s all a bit contrived, but if it makes me happy and is in line with what I actually like then why not?

My new weekly event: buying myself some flowers to keep around the apartment. Flowers are pretty and add some color and life every time I walk into the living room. Carnations are very inexpensive and I really do tend to like more simple, including babies breath, compared to huge, expensive arrangements. It also makes me feel a little validated, since I was never the middle-school recipient of carnations from a secret crush! Boyfriends? Who needs them! I buy my own flowers! 😉





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