Pomp and Circumstance

It’s been a little over a week since I graduated, and I still feel like I’m decompressing from the event. It was an emotional, yet oddly calm, day that catapulted me into a new chapter, no, book, of my life.

I’m officially a 20-something, single girl who has no job and college debt: HBO is already singling me out for a TV show 😉

Our class was the first to graduate outside under a tent and thankfully the day was beautiful. Despite my accomplishments, I still woke up a little queasy and uneasy that morning.  A shot of Pepto was definitely in order.


I graduate Magna Cum Laude, so I got to wear a pretty yellow sash. I worked really hard for that 3.75, even getting a  4.0 last semester, so I felt extremely accomplished and giddy when walking across the stage. I also used some natural ingenuity to figure out how to carry my cell phone, sun glasses, and lipstick since I obviously couldn’t be walking down the aisle with a purse, so you can’t see it but I’m wearing a black, leather Fanny Pack. They are so useful, I don’t care what anyone says!

Obligatory photo time! Aside from the diplomas us graduates also received a solid cherry wood captain’s telescope to honor the man who landed on Lake Champlain. It’s actually really heavy and I’ve already given it two names: The Enforcer & The Motivator. If I have kids they’ll know momma means business when the stick comes out. It could also make a useful weapon….

This was taken in front of my freshman year dorm! Full circle.

This was taken in front of my freshman year dorm! Full circle.

Afterward we went out for some Asian food. I got my sister to take some quick shots of my outfit and Seychelle wedges, which, might I add, are ridiculously comfortable.  I got some sushi for an appetizer (more about that sushi later…) and a Scorpion Bowl drink (they serve them as singles, not a communal bowl, but they still pack such a punch) and also a Mai Thai which I had to suck down in 2 minutes because we needed to leave. Add two smaller glasses of wine about an hour later and I was quite the goofy goober.


This white dress is from TJ Maxx. It’s really comfy and saw a lot of senior event action during the last month of school.



Asian places always make the best & strongest drinks

Asian places always make the best & strongest drinks

Not only did I get some monetary graduation funds from my parents and family, but mom and dad even got me a purse I mentioned wanting offhand. I think the main reason I got it was because my father sort of messed up and made everyone miss 90% of a graduation event I wanted them to attend (oh the tears I cried in front of my advisor!), so I think it was his way of saying sorry. Check out IDOP tomorrow for a post about this lovely Olivier Goureau. For the record, my father is the only man allowed to even try to buy my forgiveness and affection 😉 Unless you’re trying to appease my mood with Reese’s Cups, in which case I can probably be swayed!


Drunk smile…how embarrassing!

The rest of the night kind of took a turn for the worse. I ended up getting food poisoning—I think the sushi was the culprit. I had to have a friend drive me home from my friends Cinco party where they found me pressed against the cold bathroom floor trying to counteractive the horrible hot sweats you get prior to the body riding itself of toxins. It was a truly horrid evening, but aside from that my graduation weekend was amazing. It was wonderful to see my parents, siblings, and soon to be siblings and it was an honor to watch so many people I knew cross the stage.

Where life takes me next we shall see!




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