A White Dress

Back in February I started taking some fashion finds and dressing them in different ways. It was necessary for me, because at the time I was falling back on wearing the same tops and pants together. I needed a way to spice up my wardrobe while staying true to myself.

The first round, with the little black dress which still gets so much wear, felt a little forced, but I could still see myself wearing the looks. Now, whenever I get something new, it has become second nature to look through my closet and figure out ways to dress it up and down with accessories, jackets, and shoes. It’s been fun to see the subtle changes one article can create.

I decided to take my new bag and my new white dress and play around with them.  When I start to put looks together I think of where I would wear them and that helps me streamline the process.


Window Shopping

white dress 1

When I’m going out window shopping I like to keep two things in mind: Ease and Style. I’m the type of girl that needs to try stuff one before I buy it because I’m very, very picky about what I get, so I need to wear something I can slip in and out of easily. In the winter it means a nice pair of leggings, but during the warmer months I reach for dresses. And while I love my boots they are not as easy to kick off as flats and I also have the socks to deal with.


A big purse is necessary when shopping.  I get cold easily and like to have a nice bulky sweater to put on. And I like to carry some snacks with me. And a water bottle. And a magazine. Perhaps a change of  shoes. And I try to do the environment a good one by forgoing bags and just carrying the clothing and receipts with me. Since this purse goes two ways I’d say wear it cinched or open depending on the foot traffic of the shopping area (are there sticky-fingers? Will you be bumping into people?)


Martini Madness

white dress 2

I’m not the type of gal who can slug back a classic martini yet, but I do love the flavored kind like pomegranate or ginger infused. And since they aren’t classic, I don’t think the look needs to be too classic either! When I go out at night 99% of the time I like to wear my faux-leather jacket. Usually I wear it with a black blouse and dark skinny jeans, but the hard look is a nice juxtaposition to an eyelet white dress. I’d pair the look with some tan boots—I’ve never been a fan on wearing a black top with black ankle boots because I think it looks a little blocky. And, of course, I’d cinch in the purse so I could squeeze through the crowd.


Farmer’s Market

white dress 3

Despite being really into food and vegetables I’ve never done all my shopping at the Farmer’s Market. Maybe one day it’ll be more financially feasible, but until then I use it as a fun way to bump around on Saturday. During the winter it’s held inside at an auditorium that is right across the street from my house, but in the summer it moves a few blocks down into a park. It’s fun to walk around and sample all the different food, taste some local spirits, and people watch. It’s a casual, fun event filled with families  and people walking by, so a denim jacket and un-cinched purse keeps the look summer and laid back and flats make it easy to navigate around small children and wayward doggies.








6 thoughts on “A White Dress

  1. those are awesome ways to style that dress. A white dress is perfect for summer and it’s so versatile! The more I see that new bag of yours, the more I just love it!

    • I grow more in love with it every day! Who knows, maybe it’ll be the bag that jump starts my “collection” ! Actually, I went in a few days later to look at the different colors, but this ostrich one is just toooo sinful.

  2. That’s one dress and three other ways of wearing it, i think this is perfect, most of us don’t know there are more than one way of wearing that dress that we like so much. thanks for the post xoxo

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