Bag Lady: An Olivier Goureau Beauty

I first saw this Olivier Goureau bag two weeks ago in the window of a little boutique called Monelle. Located on Church Street, the store sells hybrid “preppy-resort wear” clothing in loud oranges, pinks, blues, and lime greens. I liked the shape of the bag and was even drawn to the orange color, but I couldn’t see myself wearing it in the winter and it definitely would clash with the majority of my closet. When my parents told me I could get the purse, I was initially deciding between a classic black and dark navy blue when the sale girl pointed out this ostrich look. It was purse love at first sight.



Unfortunately that link only leads you to a wholesale site. OG only sells through retailers and at trade shows.

Don’t get me wrong: I love second hand shopping. You find lots of unique things and you learn to develop a good eye for secret treasures, closet staples, and garbage fabric, but I was so excited to get my hands on a brand new purse.

It ended up being $400 ($380 before tax), which is chump change compared to big name bloggers who are plunking down several thousand for a coveted Celine bag, but for my family it was still a big purchase that I was so grateful for and excited to receive. And I know I’ll have it for years. I can get sick of the same jeans after a year and am willing to pass them on to another person, but when I tire of a purse I just store it and bring it back out for later use when the mood strikes me. And, who knows, it may be a gift passed down to a daughter or niece.

What is really cool about this purse is it’s actually two in one. You can leave the bag wide, which is perfect for spending the night out* at someone’s place where you needs warm clothes, toiletries and a change of shoes, and you can also use the snaps that are on the side to cinch in the bag. The cinched in look is great for going to classy bars (you don’t want to be bumping into anyone and everyone all night) and it looks a little more sophisticated.

The transformer of bags: optimus purse

The transformer of bags: optimus purse

Nice and roomy

Nice and roomy

The bag has protective gold “feet” on the bottom, so I’m not worried about how that will hold up, but it’ll be interesting to see how the handles look in a few months and also how the purse ages.

What’s your favorite brand for purses? What do you look for in a purse?




*a conversation between me and a friend

Me: Can I stay the night at your place?

Friend: Ya that’s fine. Why?

Me: Well I need to know because if I couldn’t I was going to wear my small purse out, but since I can I’ll bring out the big one!


Oh a girl’s mind.


6 thoughts on “Bag Lady: An Olivier Goureau Beauty

    • What a unique little bag! And I love how it’s sized depending on what electronic device you’ll be carrying around, haha. Hmm, it won’t let me click on the colors, but I’m always partial to some earth tones and neutrals, though that blue is pretty interesting.

      • yeah i love how customizable it is. I don’t need something large because I never carry that much so I’d go with one of the 2 smaller ones. and as for leather colors, most of her colors are earth tones, which are nice and classic but I already have many brown bags. I was hoping for a cobalt blue or purple. She does have a very dark purple that is quite nice. I like the light blue too but I’d probably get it really dirty. Still thinking about it…

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