I Will Grow Up!

A few days ago I heard back from the second job I interviewed at. To my relief I found out they would be offering me a salaried job. I was so flippin’ elated! I’m glad I wasn’t able to reach my phone when they called me or I would not have been able to control my screams; a voice-mail was exactly what I needed.

So, starting June 10th, I’ll be a Production Editor at Dartmouth Journal Services. I’ll likely be moving 30 minutes away from Burlington to live in Waterbury, Vermont, which is right by Stowe Mountain and some of the best Farm to Table restaurants in the state. Or maybe I’ll be hanging around Burlington, but I’d much rather have a five minute drive to work than spend an hour in the car each day.

Getting a job means a lot to me. It’s validation I did at least some of the right things in college, and it feels good coming out of school with a job when you majored in something which is needed but not always deemed useful, like writing. When it comes to family it also means I can support myself in a fuller sense. My father owns his own business, so he’s paying for health insurance out of pocket, which definitely isn’t an easy thing to do. I’m excited that I’ll be able to cover my own healthcare needs, dental, and even vision!

Getting a job also means growing up. True I’m not the most immature, party-hearty person from my class, but being out of school provides a tempting avenue to not keep up with productive life outside of work, so I bought a few paper related items to keep me on track, organized, and, most importantly, writing.

I got myself two different notebooks to manage my writer’s mind.


The striped one is a place for me to write down poetry, something I haven’t been doing nearly as much of in the last 6 months, or whatever prose ideas I come up with. Writing for the blog has been a joy, but I still need to keep that really creative side strong as well and have some writing that is just for me.

The tiny blue book is a place for me to keep track of my three different blogs (this one, foodies4change, and an anonymous sex and relationship site I just started up under a fake name. Maybe you’ll find me, hehe!) It’s my hope to grow these sites over the next few years. I probably won’t go all sponsorship and leave my job to start blogging full-time, but upping the readership base and playing around with all things media is something I’m interested in!

I also bought myself a small set of thank you cards.


Admittedly so I’m so horrible at writing to my relatives when they send me birthday or holiday gifts. A girl can get away with doing that, but a woman cannot. Who knows, maybe my handwriting will improve over time!

Finally, I found this brand new box of pale pink paper at the Goodwill.



I’m still not sure what I’ll use it for. Elegant looking To-Do-Lists? Daily affirmations I fold up and open at the end of the year? Love letters? I’m sure I’ll find a use for them when the time comes, but something about the color said young-woman-going-out-on-her-own-&-doing-her-own-thing.




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