Food Video Mondays: Chocolate Love

Recently I went out to a local restaurant with some friends. We ordered drinks, entrees, and when our meals were brought out to us the waiter asked “would you like anything else?” Without one hint of shame I raised a finger and said, “ah, yes, the dessert menu!” He laughed and returned with it quickly.

What can you say? I have an appetite for the sweet things in life and a penchant for wearing stretchy pants when I go out to eat so my belly has room to expand.


Few desserts make my heart flutter more than molten chocolate cake, though cheesecake is a very close second.

I have a long history with this decadent, gooey dessert. It brings me back to when I was 16 and my friend and I would go shopping at the outlets in Augusta, Maine (which, I note, are inferior compared to the Freeport outlets!) and after perusing Old Navy and American Eagle we’d pop into the Olive Garden. A classy little Italian restaurant you might have heard of, the Olive Garden is well known for their fresh prepared breadsticks, authentic accents, and a molten chocolate cake worth selling out your family for. But for real, I’m not kidding about that last part, as unfoodie as it is. They were prime desserts that sadly were discontinued.





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