Get high on denim

About 2 weeks ago I walked into ECCO, this great women’s boutique downtown, to take a look at some new jeans. In high school I used to have some designer denim, and I figured there was no shame in treating oneself.

I was looking for a pair of high waist jeans after reading a Cupcake’s and Cashmere blog post on the subject, and I was sent into the fitting room with some Citizens and Sevens. There was no point in even trying on the Sevens, because the first pair (Citizen Rockets) fit me like cozy glove.

Where do I even begin to describe my love for these pants? Let’s start with color. Usually I go for dark denim, but these jeans are a nice take on a classic wash that leaves me feeling a bit nostalgic but not like I have a foot totally in the past.  There’s some subtle whiskering and I like that there isn’t a butt-pocket design, even though the Citizen’s “bum logo” is pretty understated.

2013-05-09 17.21.25

These pants feel great too! They have some give to them, which I always, always, always look for. In case you can’t tell, my right thigh is a bit larger than my left, so stretchy jeans accommodate both legs better than stiff pants. Plus I like to go out dancing and not feel like I need to do a million squats to get my pants on, which is just begging for you to rip the inner thigh fabric.

But the real magic in these jeans lies in the high inseam. High rise pants give the illusion of a bigger butt and fuller hips, since the denim isn’t starting right at the hip bone. If you have a bigger lower half and don’t like highlight that—to each their own—then maybe these aren’t the jeans for you, but for us teeny bottoms they add that va-va-voom, which is nice because I have narrow hips. You’ll also never get that dreaded muffin top! And ladies, if you think these are man repellents think again! Normally I’m lucky if any guy head hunts me from across the dance floor, but three guys actually asked to dance. Well, one grabbed me by my belt loops and tugged me in, to which I scolded him for! Perhaps I was more radiant than usual that night (doubtful) so I have to blame these bum enhancing beauties 😉

Hello nurse?

Hello nurse?

I’ve had some success making  “night out” looks by wearing a flowing, sheer blouse in a crème color and donning some nice flats, but unlike dark wash jeans I don’t think they have the same amount of duality in the ability to be dressed up and down. But what they are great for is wearing crop tops! I have a few kicking around, but I never could find an appropriate time to wear them. Since the pants come up so high (and comfortably hug you in) you only get a peek of skin, making them flirty and keeping you pudge-worry free.

2013-05-09 17.28.03

wedges are are a fun summer touch and they make even short little 5’3 legs like mine look almost model-esque.

Big bag; Small girl

Big bag; Small girl

...because I get cold easily

…because I get cold easily

Tomorrow I’m off to buy some more high waist, because I’m officially obsessed ! What are people’s thoughts on J Brand?




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