Blogging Hiatus: I’m Moving!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a little dead on this page. This past week has been a little busy/a little lazy. I’ve been lounging around in my bed, hanging out with some friends when the weather permits, and contemplating/getting a little packing done. But today is a really big day! I have to be out of this apartment the night of the 30th, so I’m moving the little things down to my new place in Waterbury, VT, and tomorrow I’m getting a U-Haul pick-up truck to move down my bed and a few bigger items. After that I’m going home to Maine for probably three-five days. Hopefully I’ll get some blogging in between that time, but if not know that I haven’t given up on this page, just that I’m recouping before I get propelled into “the real world.”

If anyone else is moving out during this hectic, hectic time I wish you the best of luck. I leave you with a bit of humor from Family Guy. This town is crawling with U-Haul and Penske Trucks, mostly being driven by average folks, and sometimes it gets a little sketchy.

I suggest you leave a 2 car length distance 😉





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