Be Knotty

My age has been inching up and my hemlines have been creeping down. Don’t get me wrong, I can show off my legs with the best them, and I do heart my daisy-dukes, but for the past eight months I’ve enjoyed going more reserved; the dukes don’t get as much walk-around-in-public time as they once did.

I’ve taken this line of thinking into summer, looking for ways to stay cool, stay fashionable, and stay butt-cheek bearing free (unless I’m on the beach, in which case buns away!) The easiest way to do this has been wearing longer dresses. I never thought at 5’3 that it would be possible. Dresses either dragged or came in at high-water length. This dress which I got a few months back falls into the second category, but tying a small knot at the bottom of my dress hiked everything up for a boho-esque look, minus the loud prints.


A good way to spice up a plain dress is with some killer chunky-heels, a la Seychelles.  It’s nice to have a light scarf to wrap around your shoulders at night, because it’s so easy to spend all day outside and end up a little chilly when the sun and temps start to dip.



I definitely wore this look a lot during my last few weeks in Burlington. It’s easy to throw on, shows off my arms which are a favorite body-part (thank you Chaturanga Dandasana *), and can be worn with a slew of different accessories, constantly creating new looks, like this one here with my go-to faux-leather jacket and gold waist belt.

Senior week! Ah, it seems so long ago.

Senior week! Ah, it seems so long ago.

Ladies: What’s your take on long dresses? Love them or feel swallowed whole?

Gents:  Your opinion is nice to hear too!



*Daww my first yoga video I ever made a few years back! I’m slurring and speed talking and I have new opinions on this pose know, but its a good video.


2 thoughts on “Be Knotty

  1. Even though I’m petite, I still like long dresses (maxi). There is a way to pull them off where they look great. I love yours – I’m looking for some at the thrift stores that are like t-shirt material so they’d be good for summer. Nothing yet but I’m optimistic.

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