A quick annoucement: Camp Bisco News!

I know this girl. Her name is Janice and she’s a balling-ass hula-hooper. And as a fellow hooper, but not nearly as devoted as she(!), I know how much hard work and stamina she puts into this really fun craft. Not to mention money– LED hoops aren’t cheap, guys!

Well, Camp Bisco is coming around the corner, and Janice wants to be a member of the official hoop troope, delighting people who’re in all states of consciousness and wowing people with her awesome festival clothing! So, it’d be great if you’d take a gander at her video on YouTube and give it a thumbs up. And share this video! Send it hooping around the internet 🙂 Votes close the 30th, so hurry up!

Again, you have to Thumbs Up on YouTube; no Facebook Likes, Pins (though it’d be an awesome aside) or WordPress stars-of-affection!

Love (and I’ll blog later tonight, promises!),



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