Denim on Denim

A good pair of jeans will take off pounds, elongate your legs, and make your backside look positively scrumptious. But too much of a good thing can make a bad thing. Case in point: denim on denim.

When I think of the layering affect these images start to flutter around.

a hum…


oh dear!


iii ya!


But, it doesn’t need to all be so scary.

A lack of punctuality drove me to try this style. I was racing back to Burlington  for an impromptu meet up at my favorite bar. Too pressed to push my clothes aside to reach back into the closets for the usual cardigan suspects, I grabbed the first long sleeve that was in front of me.

This denim shirt (yes it’s denim, not chambray, which is all rage, but I won’t lie for the sake of ragey-ness) was a $5 thrift store snag. I had full intentions of bleaching the bottom half (another big look on the block), but it would have to wait for another weekend. I rolled up the sleeves, shrugged in the mirror, and booked it for the highway; the OP wasn’t a bar where a girl had to glam herself up.


Making a rugged brand fashionable. Except if you look at my nails it does appear that I've been farming! :(

Making a rugged brand fashionable. Except if you look at my nails it does appear that I’ve been farming! 😦

Nervous at first, I didn’t think this look would work out, but as the quick trip dragged on a few extra hours, and then an extra day, I realized it was cozy, comfortable, and pretty cute. So I’ve been thinking about, dissecting, how to make denim on denim work.

For starters, color and fabric is key. Just from what I’ve seen online, I think any juxtaposition helps with your “long-game”,  i.e, if you’re a block away from someone they won’t see you as a uniform denim “blob.” If you’re wearing thick denim bottoms having a denim top of thinner material kills any uniformity as well.

I’m a big believer in having something “unexpected” in an outfit. If you are wearing something dressy add some leather (or a denim jacket) to create an edge. In the first example the look is pretty casual and about as All-American as you can get: Tank top, flip flops, leather belt, and good ol’ denim. Bringing out the big bag with ostrich detailing took out some of the down-home feel and I didn’t feel sloppy window shopping.

2013-06-30 19.20.44

Of course if you really wanted to tie together the whole look an understated leather bag—Dooney’s are perfect—that crosses the body is great too!

2013-06-30 19.19.33



What are your thoughts on denim on denim?





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